Top Lever Spring

Deely Box Springs

Dickson Mainspring

Purdey Mainspring

Sugar Tong Spring

Lancaster Mainspring

Box lock Mainspring

Mainspring H & H Type

Boss Type Top Safe Spring

Flat Spring

Standard Ejector Springs

Miroku Type Mainspring

Service O/U

Service of Side Lock Shotgun/Rifle 

Service of Box Lock Shotgun/Rifle

Ejector Timings per Hour

Winchester Kickers

Tumbler repair and replacement

Box lock Tumbler

Rejoint Box lock

Firing Pin Shotgun/Rifle

New Joint Pin Side Lock

Fit New Extractor

Barrel Blacking/Browning

Cocking Dogs


If there is something you require that is not mentioned in the list above, however big or small, or you just need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.